Friday Feature - Employee Management Advancements

Tada!  This is the third anniversary of the Friday Feature. Yes, you have been reading Friday Features for three years! And, if you remember well, the first Friday Feature was about a new activity called Employee Payroll Management. That article discussed how difficult it is to define just the right access for all of the different users that need access to the employee record. My, how time flies when you are having fun.  Not only has the Friday Feature grown, but access to the Employee record has been completely redesigned, a great advancement.

Now users can be given access tab-by-tab, also called tab permissions. Think about how great that is. The Employee record has almost two dozen tabs, and it is a rare user that needs access to every single one of them.  More often than not, a user needs access to only some of them. So if Patty Payroll only needs access to the Pay Cycle tab and a handful of others, then the system manager can set up her access to be just that.

The setup is easy, too.  Here is a shot of a typical setup:


The tabs that are highlighted have edit or read access, based on the dialog in which they are selected. (Obviously, you cannot select a tab in both!)

The left dialog shows the edit tabs and the right dialog shows the read-only tabs.

In this example, you can see that the user has edit access to Addons (red arrow in the left dialog) and read access to Assets (red arrow in the right dialog). Finally, you can see that this user has no access to deductions (see how the yellow arrow points out that the Deduct tab is not highlighted in either dialog).

It is great improvements like this and users like you that take the time to learn more about Escape Online 5 that keep the Friday Feature going week after week, year after year.

Thanks for reading!

We will see you right here next week. :)