Friday Feature - Warehousing HR/Payroll Reports

Friday Feature LogoThere are some reports that are so important that you want them to be saved for posterity. Escape Online's report warehouse does this for you. You can set up many HR/Payroll reports to have Escape Online automatically run the report when you perform a certain process and save the report to the warehouse. The "warehouse" is a repository that does not have a time limit. All reports saved here, stay here as long as you need. It is like an automatic, electronic filing system.

For example, when a payroll is approved, many organizations are set up to automatically run and save the Payroll Summary, Payroll Audit, and/or the Payroll Errors reports. This ensures an automatic, electronic auditing trail.

Report Warehouse Screen Capture

Check it out. As you can see here, several reports are run and saved every pay date.

But what if a user rolls back the payroll?  No problem!  Escape Online recognizes this and rolls back the report.  The report remains in the warehouse (again, because this is all about auditing and tracking), but it gets marked as "rolled back" so that you can hide/show those reports when you are searching the warehouse.

So easy and convenient. The user doesn't have to do anything extra!

There are a ton of reports that have this functionality, too. Of course, there are the three I just mentioned PLUS the Labor Distribution Summary, Labor Distribution Detail, Payroll Vendor Summary, Vendor Detail, and at least a dozen more.

Defining reports for the warehouse is easy but should be done by a system manager.  All the system manager has to do is open the report definition in the System-Setup-Reports-System Definitions activity, and use the lookup to specify which activity and which task should be associated with generating the report. (The How To  describes all the variations.)

For users that have questions about specific reports, check out the HR/Payroll Report Sampler from your Help menu. Look for the phrase "report warehouse" and you will find all of the reports/activities/tasks that support this great feature.