Friday Feature - Mass Salary Schedule Changes

As you prepare for the upcoming fiscal year, one of the most important records you need to check is the salary schedule which defines the pay rates, time units (daily, hourly, monthly, annual), anniversary movement and budget amounts for employee salaries. Indeed, salary schedules have both "actual" amounts (the amounts used by payroll) and "budget" amounts (used for what-if budget analysis in finance).

Very often, you need to make mass changes to salary schedules, actual or budget amounts. Boy oh boy, wouldn't it be a tedious task if you had to go into each salary schedule and change each step and column? Good thing you don't have to because Escape Online has  several “tasks” that automate the changes.

With a few clicks of the mouse, you can open a salary schedule and then use a task to change the budget amount by copying from actuals or vice versa: copying budget to salary step and column.

You can also change cell amounts (where step/column meet) by a percent or a fixed amount.

Each of these changes have separate forms so that you can specify just the right steps and columns, and percent, amount, and rounding option.

Let's take a look at the Mass Change by Percentage option!

Salary Schedule Changes
Salary Schedule Changes

The first thing we did was to say that this is going to apply to "actuals" meaning that this percentage should be applied to the salary schedule cells, not the budget amounts.

Then we specified the percent increase (2.25). Of course, we could also have specified a decrease.

Next, we rounded the total (current amount + percent increase) to the nearest penny.

Finally, we left the from/through cells blank so that the percent increase would apply to every step and column in the salary schedule.

All that is left to do is to click GO! Escape Online does the rest, updating each cell to the new amount. What a great time saver!