Friday Feature - 2nd Interim Reporting

It is that time again, time for 2nd Interim reporting to SACS. Escape Online makes this easy with a report.

All you have to do is fill out a few fields on the SACS Extract (Fiscal51 or Fiscal151) report.  Check it out!

Fiscal51, 2nd Interim Reporting
Fiscal51, 2nd Interim Reporting

This is how most customers fill out the report parameters, although some use a date instead, especially if they haven't loaded their budget transfers into a budget model.

Once you enter these two fields, all you have to do is choose Excel Data from the Go/Export menu and Escape Online launches Microsoft Excel with the data from the report.

Then you can save it and send it to State of California.  It is that easy!

TIP:  Are you having trouble matching your numbers?  Take a look at JEs that fixed actuals.  A common mistake is that those JEs are not actually in the second interim time frame.  For journal entries to be included in the second interim, they MUST be back-dated to the correct time frame, which is on or before January 31st.

Note that the date 1/31 is hardcoded for the date for actuals. But, if you need to specify something other than 1/31 for your Revised amounts, then you'll enter your target date in the Board Approved Operating Budget Date field (column B of the SACS form).