Monterey COE Data Migration Update

Monterey County is the largest of the implementations we’re currently working on at Escape. They’re moving to our system in two phases, with the first going live in July.  Phase one includes 10 school districts and the county office, but most of the data conversion work has been for the Carmel and Gonzales districts and the county.   Out of curiosity I ran a couple queries to tally the various records I’ve imported to date for just these three sites.  The number was over 231,000. We’re not talking about strings of historical data, but rather the base records used to establish a starting point for the Financial and HR/Payroll systems. Working with folks at MCOE, who extract and send me the data files from their previous systems, we now have a number of the required datasets up and running in the Escape Online5 system. 

Data migration must be done in a specific order, not only to ensure the integrity of the database, but also from an implementation point of view. Training schedules are put in place and it’s always beneficial for new users to be able to work with their own data. We’ve been doing really well in this regard with MCOE. As the training sessions come up they deliver the appropriate files and allow me the time I need to script them into the Escape Online5 system. The weekly meetings, as well as the continuous open communication we have with the MCOE team, helps to ensure a successful implementation.

We are well on our way to the July 1st live date!