Batter up!

Marysville continues to impress me.  At the beginning of this project, the implementation team told me that their plan was to review their current processes and change any that weren't efficient or didn't fit well with Escape Online 5.  And they've been doing just that!

While the whole team has risen to this challenge, I need to give a special shout out to one person in particular.  Bryan Williams, Director of IT, has stepped up to the plate and is batting clean-up.  (Sorry for the baseball analogy but Opening Day is in less than a month. Go Giants!)

In all my years of implementing Escape, I can honestly say that I've never worked with a district IT employee, no less the director, who has shown so much interest and understanding of what our software does, not just the technical side of things.  Bryan really digs in and figures out how it works and why.  Right now he's working with the HR/Pay staff to change Leave setup so that overused sick/personnel necessity leave will automatically dock.  He's also working on User setup, Workflow setup and district contributions for Retiree H/W liability, just to mention a few.

Go Bryan!