Fiscal 12 - More flexibility and speed

For version 12.01, the Fiscal 12 report has additional options to enhance flexibility and, as a bonus, takes less time to run than in past releases.  The purpose of this report is to review your cash flow based on SACS Extract (also known as FundForm and J200) requirements. To make this task easier, enhancements were made to refine how the data is displayed on the report.  There are also more options available to get a report in the format that will work best for you.  For example, Section D breaks out specific objects for Assets and Liabilities to make the data readily accessible.  There is a new option to include journal entries for cash objects only, giving users more flexibility in the data  presented.  Additionally, there is a new option to export to Excel which will allow additional flexibility and analysis options.

Even with these enhancements, the average run time of the report was reduced from 35 seconds in version 11.03 to 13 seconds in version 12.01.  Since this report was run 7,936 times in 2011,  the potential time savings for users is about 44 hours per year.  That is a great time savings.