12.02 Votes Are In

The voting results for 12.02 are in!  We are typically looking for the top 5 CRs in each category, but for this release, there wasn't enough consensus among the voters to get a clear top 5 in each category. As a reminder, per your request 12.02 has a very short development time line in order for us to deliver year end functionality before June. With such a compressed timeframe it may be difficult to complete all of the top CRs but we will try our hardest.

Top Finance CRs:

6722 - Add Line Item and Percentage Account Distribution to Requisitions

3959 - Tasks Copy and Reverse should not post JE with expired accounts

11483 - The FTE is overstated in Budget when an assignment is changed, including being cancelled and a new assignment created

10803 - Allow customization of automatically created Benefit accounts

Top HR/Payroll CRs:

10303 - Retro Position Account activity - remaining programming

11571 - Add accounts to additional pay activity in line editor

11706 - PERS Recapture should be reversed when appropriate

Top Report CRs:

11591 - Pay29 - Pay Rates for Employees - Daily, Monthly, and Annual Rates are not prorating on FTE

10804 - New Budget Report - Ability to select by both account and employee criteria and present data in account or employee orientation

11773 - Fiscal02 - Add Excel export option

10606 - (YE) - New Report - Assignments not rolled forward