Friday Feature - Seniority Rank

Seniority is very important in school business. It drives many processes.  But what happens if you hire dozens of people on the same date.  Say 54 on March 9, 2000. How do you differentiate between those 54 employees? Escape Online has a seniority rank field that works with the seniority date to help you put those people in some semblance of order.  Check it out!

Seniority Rank Field in Employee Record

Seniority Rank Field in Employee Record

This employee is ranked 15 out of 54. This can be very helpful information when planning your budget.

Both the Seniority Date and Seniority Rank are featured on the Seniority Dates Extract (Employee59) report, along with location, bargaining unit, job category/class, and credential information.

The combination of these two fields and the extract report gives you the ability you need to analyze seniority in a way that makes sense!