Friday Feature - Seniority Dates Extract

Last week, I talked about the new Seniority Rank field in the Employee record. In that post, I briefly mentioned the Seniority Dates Extract (Employee59) report.

This is an exciting new report that really deserves more than just a few words. So let's take a closer look.

Like so many of Escape Online's extract reports, the Seniority Dates Extract automatically launches an Excel spreadsheet with data that you can slice and dice any way you want.

Seniority Date Extract Filters
Seniority Date Extract Filters

Check it out.  There are so many ways to filter the extract that you can make the perfect set of data for your analysis.

Plus, did you notice that some of the fields have an "s" in parentheses? Oh yeah, that means that you can select multiple items from the lookup.

So, if you want only three bargaining units to show up in the data, you can select those three from the bargaining unit lookup and the report will filter out any employees that do not belong to one of those bargaining units!

The extract includes dozens upon dozens of columns, with everything from the seniority rank field you read about last week to credential information to custom information that only applies to your organization to job category/class.

Getting the data you want in the format you want is powerful, and this is one powerful extract.