Antelope Valley, Meet Escape Online 5

As Tom posted last week, Antelope Valley UHSD is starting the process of converting from Escape Classic to Escape Online 5.  We’ve set September 5th as their live date so that leaves less than 5 months for the AVUHSD staff to get acquainted with the new Escape.  The Antelope Valley team consists of Brenda Yardeen, CFO; Mary Beth Cowart, Business Manager; Ron Slack, Data Specialist; and Dan Stewart, Director Information Services.  They’re all excited about the change and ready for the challenge.

Ron Slack of AVUHSD installed the client on several workstations.  The Overview Training will be in 2 weeks, but the team has already been checking things out and have asked some great questions.  At this rate, I have a feeling that the Overview Training will end up being a refresher.

We’re off to a great start and I expect that AVUHSD will soon know and love Escape Online 5 even more than they know and love Escape Classic.