Friday Feature - Report Links

Friday Feature LogoFriday Feature readers know that not only am I extremely curious, I also like to be extremely efficient.  Sometimes these two personality traits conflict, like when I don't have the time to satisfy my curiosity. So you can imagine how happy I am with the new Report Links feature in Escape Online (v12.01). It allows me to get more information in the most efficient way possible.  Let me explain.

Report links are "records" in a report that you can click on to get a more detailed report about that record. For example, say you run the Account Object Summary (Fiscal01) and you are curious about a certain object code. You can click on that object code and Escape Online will automatically run the Fiscal02 which shows balances for accounts with that object code.

Ok, so how do you know which "records" link to another report?

Easy, see the underlines?  This screenshot shows all of the objects in the Fiscal01 are underlined. (The reason I mention it is a screenshot is because the underlines do not print. Yay!)

So now I click on the first report link (4100).

And I get the Fiscal02 report, matching my original report parameters AND the link I click on. In other words, my original report parameters for Fiscal01 filtered on fund 010 and resource 0000, AND I clicked on the link for object 4100, so the Fiscal02 report only shows those accounts with fund 010, resource 0000 and object 4100.

But that's not all!

I still see underlines, so I click again.  (No other action is necessary, just the click.  My efficiency requirements are fulfilled!)

Amazing! I get the Fiscal03, matching my original report parameters (Fiscal01) AND my first click (Fiscal02) AND my second click (Fiscal03).

As you can see, I could click yet again on the vendor name or the journal entry number or a variety of other records that are included in the Fiscal03.

Report links are very informative and very efficient! I am sure that everyone is going to love the new report links as much as I do.

NOTE: If there are specific reports you would like to see have report links, contact Escape Customer Care.