Friday Feature - Warnings for Expired Accounts

The reason for entering an expiration date into an account is to keep users from using that account after that date. But how does the user know if the account is expired?

Luckily, Escape Online warns users. As a payment reaches each milestone, Escape Online warns the user if the status of the account has changed.

Expired Account Warning
Expired Account Warning

When a user creates a payment, submits a payment, or approves a payment, Escape Online takes action if one of the accounts is expired:

  • Create Payment - Puts the payment on hold automatically, giving you the opportunity to resolve the issue.
  • Submit/Approve Payment - Warns you, but allows you to continue processing as normal.

In all cases, a history record is written to the payment record listing the expired accounts.

This is just what users need: timely information that gives them the opportunity to make informed decisions!

NOTE:  This new functionality was part of the 12.01 release because it was one of the top 5 requests that Escape Online customers wanted!