Happy, Happy Users

Several of the Monterey County districts that are going live had site user training last week. It was very gratifying for me to work with these users, and hear the excitement in their voices as they discovered just how much information they will now have at their fingertips!

The users here will be doing such things as printing PO copies for themselves, printing vendor quotes, entering budget transfers, and of course the standards: viewing accounts, entering requisitions, and running reports.   I overheard one excited user say that the ability to copy requisitions alone would cut hours off their work time at the beginning of the year when they set up all the requisitions for the next year.


Thanks to Ronda Valenzuela, Cheryl Beller, Jennifer Goodman, and Julie Weakland from Carmel Unified School District, and Sara Perez, Duane Wolgamott, Esther Pelayo, and Lupe Mungia from Gonzales School District.  Also, a special shout out to Mike Stanbra and Frank Garcia from the Monterey County Office of Education IT department for outstanding support!  What a great group of people I get to work with.