Friday Feature - Roll Forward Position Assignments

Remember way back in January when I talked about rolling forward accounts? Escape Online has the same type of functionality for position assignments. Just like accounts, position assignments need to be rolled forward every year. Escape Online has an automated process which copies the assignment from the current fiscal year to the new fiscal year. And it is really easy to use. Check it out!

You simply select the option and Escape Online does the rest!

When deciding what to copy, Escape Online considers step and column movement, assignment cancellations, position termination dates, and employee termination dates. And, the copy process is smart enough to ignore supplemental days, ensuring that you don't give unintended "extra" days next year.

Speaking of extras, it also writes to the form the date of the roll forward and who did it. AND, it writes a history message to the next fiscal year, detailing what was rolled forward and, more importantly, what wasn't rolled forward and why (e.g., you manually edited the assignment in the new fiscal year).

As you can surmise from the highlights on the screen capture above, the roll forward process can be done again and again. So as you change calendar setup, you can roll forward again to make sure you catch all of your changes!