Friday Feature - Approving Requisitions Quickly

When I am creating the screen captures for documentation, I am as close to a "real" user as I can get because the picture needs to be realistic. That is why one of my favorite features released in 12.01 was the changing of the Approve Requisitions activity to an inline editor.

An inline editor is a list where you get to type right in the column cells, kind of like a spreadsheet. Why is this so cool? Because you don't have to open a form or save/close or anything.  You just type. Check it out.

New Requisition Approval List
New Requisition Approval List

All I have to do is go to the Action column and type what I want, then arrow down. See how the first three are set to Approve?  Its because I simply typed the letter A and arrowed down for each one.  The next one is denied because I typed DEN and arrowed down. Then two more "A"s and a DEF and I am moving right along. It is that quick and easy.

The same thing is true for entering an approval comment.  I simply type whatever I want in that cell and Escape Online will automatically save it to the requisition when I post the approvals.

Now that's a real feature for a real user!