v12.03 Survey Results

The results from the v12.03 CR survey are in!  Last Friday the voting closed with the majority of our customers taking part in the process for prioritizing which change requests (CR) will be included in the next release of Escape Online. v12.03, due to be released  in early fall, was the topic of the survey. The survey gives customers the ability to indicate their priorities for the release. They get to vote for 5 CRs in each category. In addition, they can tell us which one of those 15 CR's is the MOST important CR for them; that's their number 1 CR.

Each release there is a new list.  Per customer requests, previous voting results do not count, because, as every one knows,  priorities can change and what was important to you in a previous release is not as important in the next.

Every survey includes three voting categories:  Finance, HR/Pay, and Reports.  For 12.03, there were plenty of choices, including 36 finance CRs, 40 HR/Payroll CRs, and 46 report CRs.

Here is each category with a list of the CRs with the most votes.


This category did not end up with five "winners" because after the first four, it was just a hodgepodge of CRs with two or three votes.

CR# Subject Votes
3959 Give warning when submitting/approving JEs that contain expired accounts 6
7158 AR Receipts search - add account components and change customer id look up to not fill in customer name 4
8478 Payment account distribution is not matching the Req Account distribution 4
11140 Stores Physical Inventory should default New Qty field in Issue Units instead of Order Units 4


Obviously, there was one winner in this category, following by six so-so vote getters. Escape Customer Care will carefully review this list and we will include what we can in 12.03.

CR# Subject Votes
9438 When vacation pay addon points to a position and there is an assignment change in a month then the units are not correct 5
11962 Generating PERS test files for future months should not require prior months to be closed/generated 3
11889 Position Account Retro - PERS Recapture should be retro'd when appropriate 3
11648 Extra Pay longevity addon is doubling when assignment adjustment is made 3
11489 Employee Import 3
10780 Ability to create supplemental STRS files in any given month 3
10497 Unexpected grant adjustments calculated 3


Report voting gained an extra CR with a four-way tie. Again, Escape Customer Care will look closely at the CRs with three votes to determine if all can fit into the release schedule for 12.03.

CR# Subject Votes
11851 Fiscal04 - Enhance the logic of the report to show calculated ending fund balance when appropriate 6
11591 Pay29 - Pay Rates for Employees - Daily, Monthly, and Annual Rates are not prorating on FTE 5
10631 Retire01 - Not picking up edited lines 3
11582 ReqPay11 - Board Report - add new sort Fund/Resource 3
9052 Pos02 - Add new option to show EmpId and other enhancements 3
10606 Pos New Report - Assignments that will not roll forward 3

Of course, the results of this survey become a guideline for what to include in the release, but government regulations and other regulatory changes also have to be included, along with new functionality that is spread over several releases.

We love hearing from our customers and think it is great how they have become a part of our prioritizing process.

Thanks so much to all of you who participated!