Friday Feature - Controlling Your Req Approval List

Last week, I talked about approving requisitions quickly by taking advantage of the a direct edit list. This week, I want to spotlight how you create that list, because it is that time of year where you need to focus on wrapping up current-year requisitions. And, that means approvals need to be addressed without delay! The Approve Requisitions activity helps you with this by giving you lots and lots and lots of search criteria. Most importantly, you can filter your list by fiscal year and include/exclude requisitions that are on hold.

If you only have one day left to approve requisitions for this year, you don't want your list to be cluttered by all of those requisitions people are entering for next year.

AND, you especially don't want to ignore those requisitions that have been put on hold. Just because they were put on hold doesn't mean that they don't have to be dealt with. Quite the opposite. You need to figure out how to get them off hold and through the year-end process.

Requisition Approval Search Options
Requisition Approval Search Options

See how you can specify the fiscal year and set the flag to include requisitions on hold?

Escape Online helps by defaulting to the current fiscal year, but of course you can change this at any time.

In fact, you can change any of the search criteria to focus your list even more for all of those last-minute requisitions.

And, of course, you can always save your search criteria as a favorite and use quick links to jump start your list without delay!

The majority of these fields were added to the Approve Requisitions activity at the request of Sacramento City Unified School District with several other customers seconding (or voting) for the change. With Sac City having 47,900 students on 81 campuses, you can imagine the number of requisitions that need to be approved at any given time, especially in the last few weeks of the fiscal year.