Friday Feature - More Comments about Comments

A few weeks ago, I wrote a Friday Feature about the Comment field for Tax records.  Then, Thursday before last, I attended Terri's webinar training on User Setup. I have been thinking about comments and their many varied uses ever since.

Currently, there are a lot of records that have comments that you can search upon, including Journal Entries, Department Reqs, Stores Reqs, Vendor Reqs, Payments, Invoices, Receipts, Assignments, Employee Tax records, Positions, and now in 12.02 you also get searchable comments for the User record and the Employee Education record.


Searching Comments
Searching Comments

Now that's a lot of comments.  And, customers use them quite a bit.  For example, one customer uses the term "Reimb Mileage" for every employee mileage reimbursement payment.  That's smart.  Want to see all mileage reimbursements for a particular employee?  All you have to do is search for the employee Id and the word "mileage" in the comment field.

That cuts through the clutter pretty quick!

Another idea came up in the User Setup webinar. A customer wanted to "categorize" their users, like org-all versus org-only.

They can use the comment field for this.  AND, it shows up on the list.  As a system manager, you could create keywords and put them in the comment, making all kinds of searching and managing of records possible.

Vendor requisitions are also ripe for this type of management. I see many vendor requisitions with the comment "Open Purchase Order."  While this is a helpful description, it doesn't give the whole story.

Certainly, getting users to enter keywords into vendor reqs would take some coordination, but with the advent of requisition templates, it might be easier than you realize.

And that's a comment worth thinking about.