Friday Feature - Exporting the Detail

Of course, everyone knows about the ability to export list data from Escape Online to Microsoft Excel, but did you know that some activities let you export the detail? Now, you may be asking yourself, wasn't I already doing that, exporting detail? Well, yes, of course you were, but there are levels of detail in Escape Online, what we like to call master and detail records.

For example, the "master" of a journal entry would be its JE number, transaction date, status, and JE type, but the detail would be the account data (and its associated debits/credits) and its history data or attachments.

A more complex example would be the employee.  The master data would be the employee's name, address, employment type, gender, birthdate, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.  The detail data would be the employee's assignments, pay cycles, tax records, retirement records, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

So when I say that you can now export the DETAIL of journal entries and employees, I am talking about some pretty powerful information, in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, ready for you to slice and dice to your heart's content.

Amazing!  Let's take a look.

Exporting Detail Records
Exporting Detail Records

This is a list of employees. When you click the Export button, you get a drop-down of all the different types of detail records that you can export.

Now let's see what it looks like in Microsoft Excel, if we export a list of Addons.

Exporting Detail Records in Excel
Exporting Detail Records in Excel

See how there are multiple lines for each employee? Those are the detail lines for their addons. So, at a glance, we can see that the first employee in the list has nine addons.

Oh, and when you export detail records, you get EVERYTHING. Truly. You get all of the regular fields from the master and every field from the detail record chosen.

In this spreadsheet of addons, these are the following columns: Org Id, Last Name, First Name, Emp Id, Emp Status, Location, Description, Barg Unit, Job Category, Job Class, Pay Cycle, Retirement Plan, Person Type, Emp Type, Ethnicity Code, Mailing address, Paysetup Id, Begin Date, End Date, Addon Id, Description, Rate 1 Amount, Rate 2 Amount, Salary Sched, Salary Cell, Longevity Date, Use Position, Earnings Goal, Earnings Paid, Charge Benefits, Position #, Override Periods, PERS Override, PERS Special Comp Category, PERS Special Comp Type, Pay Cycle, Job Category, Job Class, Division, Academic Dept, Acct Num Id, Acct Descr, Acct Amt Bal, Acct Alias Id, Account Number, Retirement, Retire Plan, Associated Deduction Ids, Associated Contribution Ids, Created By, Create Date, Edit User, Edit Date.

Now that's some detail!

NOTE: You can get this level of detail from employees, journal entries and positions only.  However, we'd love feedback on other areas where you would like this implemented.