Escape Online5 v3.12.02 now available!

We are pleased to announce that Escape Online5 v3.12.02 is now available and ready to be installed.  This release has many changes and new features, so we had to take a couple extra days for testing to ensure you are getting the best product we can deliver.  Some of the new features that we've added include Report Favorites, Doc Viewer print defaults, Customization of auto-created Benefit accounts, and added an Excel export option to the Fiscal02 report.  For a full listing of all of the new features in Escape Online5 v3.12.02, please check out the Release Notes under Online Resources -> Release Information within your Online5 client.  You can also get a list of Known Issues, view the Top 10 Finance and HR/Pay features narrated by Leslie and Terri, as well as check out the 2.5 hour Release review hosted by Terri.

If you would like to schedule an update of your Escape Online5 system with the v3.12.02 release, please contact your ECC rep, or shoot me an email directly to schedule a date/time to perform the upgrade.