An Eye on the Future and a Foot in the Past

With ongoing software development, there are always new technologies to evaluate and test.  This is no different for Escape Technology.  As new operating systems and database versions come to market, it is important for us to leverage the need to take advantage of new features, as well as evaluate the implications of this with our existing customers.  This is no more apparent than with the database infrastructure we use. For many years Escape utilized Microsoft SQL 2000, which was a very solid platform for our initial implementation of Escape Online4 and Online5.  As time progressed Microsoft released SQL 2005, which had some exciting new features and was a much more stable platform for us and our customers.  We began testing SQL 2005 very early on and as we felt comfortable with it we began doing all of our development on this system.  We took advantage of new technologies and processes (such as the Service Broker) that were only available in SQL 2005.   This required all of our current customers to migrate to the newer version.  As new customers came online with our software this was the baseline for their infrastructure.

Time moves on and so does the development cycle at Microsoft.  Since moving to SQL 2005 three newer versions of Microsoft SQL Server have been released (Microsoft SQL Server 2008, 2008 R2, and now Microsoft SQL Server 2012.)  Here at Escape we have also moved on, but with careful considerations.  Our primary development platform currently is SQL 2008 R2, but the one major difference from our move from SQL 2000 to SQL 2005 is that we have been careful not to introduce any new SQL 2008 R2 only functionality that required our customers to migrate to this newer version of SQL.

We will continue to evaluate new versions of SQL and the functionality therein, always keeping our customer's best interests at hand.  Please always refer to the System Requirements on our website to see what we currently recommend our customers implement.  If changes are made we will keep our customers informed and give them plenty of time to make changes as necessary.  As a side note, it is a good idea to purchase Software Assurance which will allow you to carry over the current licensing model to newer versions of software as it becomes available.