Friday Feature - Setting Report Preferences

Friday Feature LogoHere is the second installment of my three-week wondrous review of the new report document viewer.  This week I am focusing on the preferences. As an efficiency connoisseur, I can tell you that the ability to set my preferences and have them not change until I say so is HUGE. And, that is just what the latest release of the Escape Online Document Viewer does.  Check it out.

If you select Settings-Options when you have the document viewer open, you get the dialog you see here.

Now, the default layout and the default zoom are nice—your report always displays the same way—but the two highlighted fields are the ones that really put the "control" in control freak.

You will notice that I do not have either of these options checked.  That is because they are annoying!  And, the darn Adobe Reader kept turning them back on.  This was even more annoying!

That is why Escape Online handed the control to you.  Granted, bookmarks are great ways to jump to particular sections of an exceptionally long report, but I have not run into anyone yet that wants them to show ALL OF THE TIME.  So, now you can turn them off and see more of your report.

Even better is the "shrink to fit" setting. This is especially important for purchase orders and paychecks.  Everything has to be just-so.  You don't want your viewer to start shrinking things willy-nilly.

The best part is that these settings stay until you change them, no matter how many times you log in or out.  They are set.

Ah, if only teenagers worked the same way!