Friday Feature - Updating Favorites

Favorites are one of my best productivity tools. I have already written two Friday Features about them: creating them and using them as defaults. And, now we have them on reports too!!  Amazing! As you know, you can have up to 20 favorites per search/report. And, if you are like me, you are definitely taking advantage of that. But now that the fiscal year has changed, you may need to revisit some of those favorites to make a few changes.

No problem!

Let's say I have a favorite for vendor requisitions that includes the fiscal year, finance department and my buyer Id. This is what I do:

  1. Select the favorite you want to change in the Vendor Requisitions activity.
  2. Change the fiscal year in the search.
  3. Select Manage from the Favorites task.
  4. Click Replace.
  5. Click Save.
Replace Favorite
Replace Favorite

These five simple steps apply to any change to any favorite on any search page or report request.