Time to Celebrate MJUSD!

Our last Escape Classic payroll customer, Marysville JUSD,  is now live on Escape Online 5.  WooHooooo!! I was on site the first couple of days as we fine-tuned the setup, fixed a couple conversion problems, and worked through their processes.  Pictured below on the left is Amy Littlefield inputting payments for the first AP check run.  On the right is Doug Swift helping Tina Lovell.


Elen Meltonyan, who has been doing the HR/Payroll side of this implementation, will be at MJUSD this week as they process their first payroll in Online 5.  Now that will be exciting!

Even when we’re not on site, Elen and I are dedicated to supporting them for the first month or so.  Once the users feel comfortable and we’ve worked through all of the outstanding issues, we’ll bow out and hand support back over to the experts in Customer Care.

Robin and Julie were their support in Classic and will also be their Online 5 support, so Marysville already knows how great our support is.

When that time comes, I’ll definitely miss them.  They've been a great group to work with.