Monterey COE's First Month in Escape Online

We are very excited to report that Monterey County Office of Education is now LIVE on Escape Online with "Phase I." Their two-phased approach split up the organizations in a way that makes the transition smoother.  Phase I includes 11 organizations (10 on payroll): the county office, 2 small districts, 5 very small districts, and 2 JPAs. (The non-payroll org is a JPA.)

Here are some figures for their first month to date, with the caveat that July end of month payroll is the smallest for the year.

800 employees were paid with a $2,685,432.57 total gross pay!

So far this month, they have printed 860 Accounts Payable checks via the Print AP Checks activity for a total of $13,520,789.25.

Thanks to all of the MCOE team members that made this happen!

Wasting no time, they are moving directly to Phase 2 with a kick-off meeting held yesterday. Phase 2 will add 25 more districts, including 5 offline districts, and 2 community colleges (1 online, 1 offline). Phase 2 will include the largest districts in the county.