San Joaquin COE Goes LIVE on Escape Online

San Joaquin County Office of Education has just finished their first month on Escape Online. The team at the county office is a strong group and they are very on the ball!

Here are some figures for their first month to date – keep in mind that July end of month payroll is their smallest for the year. (It is about 1/3 of their August payroll).

  • Number of employees paid: 1,830
  • Total Gross pay: $8,725,887.09

They also had one employee with a held check for failing the credential audit for online orgs and were also able to run credential audits on their offline orgs as well via a custom activity.  In addition to this, they have several custom procedures/activities that generate multiple files for both online and offline orgs – everything is really working quite well.

They have printed 1,810 Accounts Payable checks via the Print AP Checks activity for a total of $27,900,240.43 so far with several more ready to print as well.

They are using everything in the system at this point except work orders and assets (both of these are coming next).

While there are still a few small outstanding items, overall, everything is working great!