Friday Feature - Splitting up Vendor Management

Since time began, there have been disputes about who "owns" vendor records. Is it purchasing? Is it accounts payable? Is it payroll?  School business is complicated and unique. Each customer has their own strategy for the maintenance of these important records. As we all know, user-based permissions answered the AP versus Purchasing question, but the payroll access was still a sticking point.  Until now that is.

The new Payroll Vendors activity is a sure fire way to make everybody happy!

The way it works is Finance and HR/Payroll work together to determine which vendors are “payroll” vendors. Once they have identified those vendors, someone goes into each of the records and enters an agreed upon "payroll vendor category."

Payroll Vendor Category

Payroll Vendor Category

Really, it is that easy!

Now you can "split up" the management of vendor records, with vendors associated with Payroll being managed separately from those associated with Finance.

You next step is to "turn on" payroll vendors by changing the Payroll Vendor Category flag in the Organization record.

Payroll Vendor Activity

Payroll Vendor Activity

Escape Online will only display vendors with the designated payroll vendor category in the Payroll Vendors activity exclusively. All other vendors will display in the Finance Vendors activity.

Of course, you can still create requisitions and payments for payroll vendors from the Finance module, but the management of the vendor record itself is now controlled by payroll users with user-based permissions.

Another bonus of this new functionality is that it will limit the lookup windows in contributions, deductions, benefit providers, employee payroll setup and adjust payroll to only payroll vendors.

NOTE ON INSTALLING: There is a caveat for setting up this new feature in county-wide implementations: all orgs must agree to a single name for the payroll vendor category. Once the name has been decided, that name can be entered into the System table.