Solving Incidents on a Daily Basis

The phones were ringing off the hook and my email was hopping like a frog on a hot Texas road. It was going to be one of those mornings where my shoes would be glued to the floor below my desk and my fingers would be typing so fast the cop down the street was going to pull me over for speeding. In other words, just another day in the office. I was busy fielding calls when the blonde walked up to my desk. We've had some good times outside of the office, but this morning she was all business.  She was the boss and she told me she needed those reports toot sweet.  I knew what she meant. Customers rely on those stats and I didn't want to disappoint.

This last month was packed with incidents like claustrophobic sardines in a can. In July alone, we handled 553 incidents, knocking out (resolving) or sending over the wall to development 465 of them.* That was a record even a punch-drunk prize fighter could be proud of.  But the boss liked the visuals for the higher ups.  Jen E (that's Jen with an E) wanted a graph.  Who was I to argue?

Yeah, the place felt like it was jumping all through the heat of the summer and the pressure of year-end, and now I knew it was: the proof was in the vanilla-bean-latte pudding.

* Incidents are counted on the last day of every month. More than one customer can be attached to a single incident.  Incidents are closed when the customer has their question answered or the CR associated with the incident passes testing and is documented.