XCOE's Upgrade in the Cloud

ImageIn an effort to help facilitate the needs for small counties, Escape Technology has offered a cloud solution called XCOE.  This project began in mid-2008 and has been going strong ever since.  There have been a few minor upgrades to various hardware elements over the years but for the most part the systems have remained the same. Recently, however, Escape evaluated the systems and network for XCOE and decided to overhaul the entire design.  The first step was to replace the database server infrastructure.  We replaced the database server with the latest and greatest hardware which included massive amounts of processing power, memory, and solid-state disk drives.  In addition to the hardware upgrade, we also upgraded the operating system and SQL Server versions to the latest software available.

While this was a good first step, Escape also decided to replace all of the application servers with much more powerful systems.  The processing power of the servers was more than doubled and system memory was quadrupled.  A more fault tolerant design was put into place to help ease the possibility of failure and system downtime.  All of the server operating systems were reinstalled with fresh software and configured for optimal performance for our customers.

In addition to all of this, Escape replaced all of the networking equipment and installed a state-of-the-art SAN solution to house all of the mission critical data for our customers.  By implementing this solution, Escape Technology now has the ability to bring on new customers without having a negative impact on existing systems.  New servers, databases, and document stores can be created on the fly in a fraction of the time it normally takes.  All of these changes were a major undertaking, but it was worth it as our customers and support staff will certainly feel the benefits of all the changes.