Friday Feature - Quickly Determining Salary Rates

There are many reasons why you would want to know the hourly, daily, annual or pay period rate for an employee. Say you have set up an addon that has the Rate 1 set to hourly, how do you quickly find out what an employee's hourly rate is? In the employee's assignment record, Escape Online automatically calculates the information for you.  Check it out!

Assignment Payroll Summary

Assignment Payroll Summary

No math required! This makes discovering the hourly, daily, pay period and annual rate for the assignment super easy.

Now, I must admit that these numbers are not factored by FTE, but I prefer that.  I don't want any extra fancy math that I have to back out of. I want the whole number so that if my addon IS NOT factored by FTE, I get the correct number for checking my setup. And, if my addon IS factored by FTE, well then I only have one more part to perform for the equation; Escape Online has still given me a great starting place.

So you're saying to yourself, this is fabulous, but I want to see more than one assignment at a time.  Terrific  idea!  And, I have a terrific response.

Because this information is in the Assignment record, you can export the detail of those assignments from your list of employees.  So if I want to see the hourly rate for all of my teachers at a particular high school, I could create a list of those employees and then export those assignments to Microsoft Excel.

From there, it is just a few key strokes to filter my list to only current positions.

Now that's first rate!