Friday Feature - Work Order Wonders

Believe you me, nothing lasts forever. At my house, we are in a constant state of repair: a sink clogs, a light bulb needs to be changed, the kids play ball in the house and put a dent in the wall. School districts are the same, but on a much larger scale. They need a way to manage all of these small (and large) jobs. Work orders in Escape Online are a great tool for this type of management. The part of work orders I like best is the ability to manage the work line-item by line-item.

Say there was a terrible storm and a tree fell into the girls' restroom. The work order for this is going to require many line items: install a new sink, fix the hole in the wall, install a new window, fix the last stall on the left. Obviously, not all of this is going to happen in one day, but it is all interrelated and should be tracked as a group, but allowed to be tracked individually too.

Check it out! You can track each action required to repair the storm damage. Each line item can have its own purchase order, material cost, labor cost (including overtime and doubletime), asset tag, account, and comment.

All of this gives you the ability to complete line items individually; like you see in the screen shot, the plumber is done with the sink, but the carpenter and repair work still need to be done, in fact haven't even started.

Of course, not all work orders are this complicated. For those simpler projects, you can complete all line items with a simple mouse-click (selecting the Complete task).

Now that works for me!