Friday Feature - Accounts in Additional Pay

Late last year, I wrote a Friday Feature about how easy it is to enter accounts in the Detail window in Adjust Pay. Of course, I still believe this is a great way to enter accounts, especially for addons.  But the Additional Pay activity now has an account field too, bringing the full data entry of addons closer to the users that process overtime hours and time cards for substitutes: site users!  Check it out.

Additional Pay Accounts
Additional Pay Accounts

As you can see, the Additional Pay activity is a direct edit listthat allows users to quickly enter non-positional pay.

In fact, many of our customers are using the Additional Pay activity to allow site users to manually enter and import addon amounts. This is a great efficiency!

Users can enter an account or leave it blank to default to the account in the employee's payroll setup. To keep users from making mistakes in account data entry, Escape Online checks the user's account permissions and the Payroll Account Object Code Filter in the Organization record to ensure that users enter only what should be entered.

The site user submits their additional pay batch, which then goes through a workflow approval process, for review by payroll staff.

Fabulous! It is always best to let the user closest to the data enter the data. With the account field in the Additional Pay activity, site users have the ability to enter complete addon information, letting payroll users focus on the more complex payroll task.