Friday Feature - Lookup Lists

Apparently, I love lookups. I have written seven, count 'em, seven Friday Features about them. But they are so amazing that I still have more to say about lookups. What I want to talk about now is how they are more than just codes and descriptions. We have several "specialized" lookups that provide you with some great information, making them all the more useful.

There are two in particular that I want to focus on:  the From Account in the Position Account Retro activity and the Vendor Address lookup in the Vendor Requisition activity.

Let's start with the From Account. When you are creating a retro, you need to specify which accounts to retro.  Seems intuitive, but there can be multiple accounts for a single position.  How's a gal to choose?

Easy, use the lookup!  (You saw that coming, didn't you?)

See how it shows all of the position accounts, each with a percentage and begin/end date.  Now, you can be sure that the account you are selecting is the one that you want.

The same is true for vendor addresses.  For example, Office Depot can have many, many addresses. Let's check that out!

This lookup gives you a ton of information, everything from the address name to the remit flag.

You get to this lookup from the Vendor Address field (as opposed to the "regular" Vendor Id field).  It is super handy when you have a vendor that has an address name that doesn't alphabetically match the vendor name, like the one in the screen shot that is marked with an arrow. See how the Address Name is "Tech Depot" instead of Office Depot.

It may seem like a simple luxury, but it is the simplicity of lookups that make me love them so much and keep writing about them.