Friday Feature - Automating Substitute Pay

A couple of weeks ago, I was talking about substitutes and the Adjust Payroll activity, but what I didn't mention was how those addons were added to the Adjust Payroll list. We have this really slick feature in Leave Transactions that automates this process. From the Leave Transactions activity, you can specify a substitute on the exact same line as the employee taking the leave.  You can do this when you are entering the leave (or if you import your leave transactions, you can include it in the file).

Check it out!

Substitute Leave Transaction

Substitute Leave Transaction

When you are entering (or importing) the leaves, you can also enter the employee Id, addon and account for the substitute.

The addon data entry works just how you would expect from Escape Online. You can enter an addon rate (if it is not locked) and you can enter a specific account or you can default to the addon's account or you can let the account default to the employee-on-leave position accounts.

But wait there's more!

You have the option to put in ONE of the employee's positions for the sub or you can leave the employee's position Id blank and assign the substitute to ALL of the employee's positions.

And here comes the automation! When you post the leave transaction batch, Escape Online automatically creates the payroll adjustments for the substitute, AND adds the substitute information to the employee's Leave tab of their Employment record.

Substitute from Employee Leaves

Substitute from Employee Leaves

See here in the employee-on-leave record, there is the substitute employee Id kept with the leave information.

Now that is some serious automation.