Defense Against Demons. What?

As I write this, Halloween is on my mind because it's right around the corner.  The thought makes me realize how appropriate it is that I’m making my big move to testing at this, the scariest, time of year.  After doing the same job (but never the same job, really!) in Support for over ten years, the very idea of moving into a new position, doing something new and completely different, is downright terrifying.  To top it off, Halloween is my least favorite “holiday.” I’m not a big proponent of little hooligans running around at dusk, dressed as something not meant to be seen on the city streets, banging on my cute little bungalow door and DEMANDING that I give them a treat. That’s how I see those CRs that are lurking out there, waiting for me to take my life in my hands and test them.  Those little beasts and goblins are clustered together, cracking their knuckles and cackling wickedly, waiting for me to come along and haphazardly stumble on their ominously written specs, amorphous dev notes, and mayhem of attached emails.  It’s enough to make one run home to her cute little bungalow and hide under her bed!

But when the disguises come off, and the sugar-high comes down, what’s really underneath those scary demons, witches, and Justin Biebers isn’t so scary at all, now, is it?  The image is transformed from Dracula fangs to a smile like sunshine, from cataracted zombie pupils to twin sparkling pools of cheery mischief.   Moans, groans, snarls and sneers are replaced with the bubbly, happy sound of giggles and laughter.  That lumbering Frankenstein over there?  Why, that’s really a CR for the new Finance Report Warehouse.  And creepy Dr. Jekyl/Mr. Hyde?  He’s actually a request to add the ability to unprint 1099’s en masse.  They are misunderstood characters masquerading as monsters, who just need someone to be patient, read all about their insecurities, champion for them when they need help, and then send them on their way into the world when their time has come.  I can do that.  That’s much more rewarding than it is scary!

Except that kid.  The one dressed like a clown and holding a bunch of balloons?  {Shudder}  Yeah.  I’m not getting near that terrifying specter!  If you need me, I’ll be under my bed until Halloween is over.