Streamlining document management with Escape & docStar

Aside from providing technical support to customers and Escape Customer Care, I sometimes find myself on various special projects that come my way.  I am in the final phases of a project that I’ve been working on for Modoc County Office of Education and wanted to share some of the cool things we’ve accomplished.  This is actually my second project in which we have integrated Escape Online5 with docStar; the first project was with Tehama County Department of Education.  On both projects, I have worked closely with Jeff White at Coastal Business Systems, and both times it has been a pleasure working with him. Here’s how it works:  each time the County staff creates a payment batch within the Escape Online5 system, the data for that batch is automatically transferred to the County’s docStar system where it is then parsed and matched to files that the County has scanned into the docStar system.  This alleviates the manual work of hand entering data into docStar, allowing resources to be allocated to other tasks.  The data that is getting input into docStar is more accurate since we have removed the chance of human error/mistyped keys.

Jeff tells me that people like the fact that when they have an audit, they can retrieve everything they need by a funding source code.  Auditors also have access to files remotely instead of having to be onsite.

I recently reached out to Jonna Turek, Business Systems Support Specialist at Tehama County Department of Education, to find out what benefits they have experienced since integrating Escape Online5 and docStar systems.  Jonna tells me that everything she hears from her districts is that “everyone loves it!” and they would never want to go back to the old days of manually scanning and indexing documents.  One district CBO just recently mentioned to her that they have saved so much time in the indexing process by having the key words from AP payments imported to docStar from Escape on a nightly basis.

The indexing has become merely a matter of scanning the backup documentation into docStar, entering the check number and all the other relevant reference numbers are attached to the Payment document automatically. Data entry is one field, the check number, for each payment, as opposed to multiple fields.  So, we benefit in time saved, timeliness of the indexing and, with fewer manually entered fields, fewer errors.  It's win-win all the way.”

It's always good to hear how our hard work has paid off and is making things easier for others.  If you have any questions, let me know.  I'm sure Jeff wouldn't mind discussing a future project with you either.