Friday Feature - Searching for Employees by Name

Shakespeare wrote, "A rose by any other name would smell as sweet."  But would Shakespeare be able to find that rose in a database if the rose changed its name? He would if he was using Escape Online! Ok, English major humor aside, let's seriously take a look at the copious ways you can search for employees by name.


In the Employee Management activity, there are four ways to search for an employee by name.

First, there is the employee Id. While at first glance this does not seem like a name field, in reality it is because it is driven by the employee lookup which allows you to enter a few characters of a last name and get a lookup of all employees with a last name beginning with those characters.

This handy-dandy little feature could save you a bunch of time by allowing you to make sure the people you want are in the lookup BEFORE you click GO to create the list.

Of course, last and first name are pretty obvious.  The true genius is in the Include Previous Name flag. It works in conjunction with the Last Name field.

So if we enter Hathaway in the Last Name field and set the Include Previous Name flag to YES, Shakespeare's wife, Anne Shakespeare (previously Anne Hathaway) would appear on our list because Hathaway was entered in the comma-delimited list of previous last names in her employee record.