Friday Feature - Searching for Vendors by Name

In my last Friday Feature, I talked about finding employees by name.  Now I want to perform the same exercise with vendors. Actually, vendors are far trickier than employees because you may be looking for a company, a person (independent contractor) or a contact (for a large corporation). No worries! With Escape Online your needs are covered. Check it out.

Searching for Vendors by Name
Searching for Vendors by Name

Let's say you have an independent contractor named Celeste Michaels. In her Vendor record, you use her full name as the Vendor Name but you enter "Michaels, Celeste" as the Sort Name.

The Vendor Name and Sort Name search fields (highlighted in Vendor Search Page) would allow you to find the vendor both ways!

But what if she had a DBA? Let's say "Action Crafts" is her vendor name in the record name, but her real name is in the address (red arrow in Vendor Record Form).

Search Vendor Address Name
Search Vendor Address Name

No painful exercises here! You would search for her "real" name using the Vendor Address Name field (highlighted in Vendor Search Page).

For our last exercise, let's move from small vendors to large vendors. Let's say we need to find the correct Office Depot vendor by the name of our contact, George Bailey.

In this case, you would use the Contact Name search (highlighted in Vendor Search Page).

So no matter what "name" you need in the vendor record, Escape Online has the perfect exercise for you.

Break out the ice cream!