Finance Report Warehouse (ever so exciting!)

I’m an Over-Immerser.  Right now I'm living in a world created by The IT Crowd, a television series set in the UK about two computer geeks and their clueless-about-computers boss who reside in the basement of a giant corporation.  I'm watching instantly on Netflix, and because they are only an average of 22 minutes long, I wind up watching several episodes in a row. Consequently I find I’m speaking in a horribly contrived English/Irish accent and phrasing my sentences as questions.  "'Ello there, you're looking good today, then, aren't you?  Ready to pop on over and git some bloody werk done then, yeah?"  I also spontaneously spout off quotes from the show, "Memory IS RAM!  Oh DEAR!!" and "If you type Google into Google, you can break the internet!"  Thankfully for others, the majority of this stuff happens only in my head.

Speaking of computer geeks, the last time I was so immersed in something was when I was testing the new Finance Report Warehouse for 12.4.  Yes!  A Report Warehouse, for FINANCE!  Bloody brilliant!  Currently there’s just one report that resides in the warehouse, but we've set the precedent to add more, so just jolly well let us know what you’d like to see in the future!

Users with a role level of Fiscal or higher (or COEDISTSVC) have automatic access to this new activity.  It can also be added as a user permission, and that’s jolly good, isn't it?


For now, when you generate the 1099 file in the Finance-Processes-Tax Reporting-1099 Reporting activity, Escape Online 5 automatically runs the Vendor 1099 Detail Report (ReqPay16) (one copy for each org, and a County version, too!) and stores it in the Finance-Report Warehouse activity.  And if you have to rollback that file creation then the report gets rolled back, too!  You have the ability to view rolled back reports, if you fancy that.  The report will stay in the warehouse for all eternity, or until you decide to delete it (whichever comes first).

The Finance Report Warehouse has the same functionality as the HR/Pay Report Warehouse, so that means you lot can manually add reports to it, as well.  Just click the "New" button on the top and the report you save there will be available for all others who have access to this activity.  Smashing!

Roight.  Now I’m off to break the internet.  Ta-ta!