Friday Feature - Employee Favorites

Most often HR/Payroll users just need the basics, like opening an individual employee record or getting a list of employees. Mostly, they use last name or an employee Id, or sometimes job class (all of the teachers).

But we all know that sometimes you need to target a very specific group of employees. When that happens, Escape Online has almost 200 searchable fields to help you out!

And, if you are one of those users that is frequently doing similar complex searches, employee search favorites are a huge time saver! I know, I know, I have written a lot about favorites, but this activity is my favorite for favorites!

Let's take a closer look.

Employee Favorites

Employee Favorites

Check out the values (circled in red). Sure, it is only a couple of fields to fill out, but with employee search favorites I can continually shave seconds off of entering search criteria.  And, you know me, every second counts.

Now take a look on the left, where I have defined the "favorite" searches that a typical user might run on a regular basis.  There are 14 shown, but I can save up to 20!  Now we are talking about a real time saver.

It is so easy to set up favorites: enter your criteria and click Manage under the Favorites. From there all you have to do is decide whether or not you want your search to be automatic (Auto Go) or if you want Escape Online to load the defined search criteria and WAIT for you to add more.

The other wonderful feature about Favorites is that you can call them from Quick Starts.  For example, I could enter EM F2 to run the favorite I created for the location search.  The reason it is F2 is because it is the second favorite on the list. (Favorites are saved and numbered sequentially. Of course, you can also rearrange them using the arrows at the side of the Favorites list box.)

So, by that standard, if I wanted a list of employees with less than 1.0 FTE, all I would have to do is type EM F10 in the quick start.

Indeed, the time-savings is fabulous!