Plumas COE Migrating to Escape Online 5

ZA103795955When a new customer joins our family their ‘Journey to Escape’ begins. Plumas County is our latest project and will become one of our XCOE customers. XCOE is a powerful cloud computing solution shared by some of our small counties. The data transfers from their old system to Escape Online 5 have just begun. At this point we’re in the testing phase where the initial data mapping is done and imports are run for the first time. Often in these early stages we clean out and re-do the same data. This is because during review we may find adjustments need to be made. Code translations might need updating, data formatting may change, or we may find an import file is incomplete. Since it can sometimes be a challenge for customers to extract data from their old system, or multiple systems, we’re happy to try again. If at first you don’t succeed…

Plumas will be converting data for the county office and the Plumas Unified School District. So far we’ve transferred records for account components, account strings and purchasing vendors for the Finance Module, and employees and positions for the HR/Payroll Module. Even for a small county this can still be a large amount of data.

Yvonne Bales and Laurie Pendray of Plumas are reviewing the conversion in Escape Online 5. This is, of course, in addition to their regular work for the county. We appreciate their efforts and together we’ll make this a smooth transition. So here we go, on what I know will be another successful Journey to Escape!