2012 - 1099 Webinar Highlights

Terri_Ex_Small What a great way to end the 2012 Webinar training schedule!  Almost all of the 78 connections stayed TUNED for the entire 191 minutes of the 1099 Webinar!

A BIG thank you to Jacque Santana for answering all your questions and keeping me on my toes!

I don’t know who was more excited, me or our customers over the Finance Report Warehouse and the ability to mass unprint 1099s!  Everyone is looking forward to loading up the V12.04 software to get started. 

Most of our customers have already starting purchasing forms and envelopes.  This year we made ordering envelopes from Office Max SUPER easy.  Just go to their website and type in Item # 7950862 and you’re in the 1099 business! 

Don’t forget: If you need a refresher course after the holidays are over, just go to Online Resources – Webinar Information and view the 2012 – 1099 Webinar recording, Power Point, 1099 User Guide and Q & A or the updated Tutorial.

Happy Holidays everyone and I'll see you next year!