2012 - W2 Webinar Highlight

Terri_Ex_SmallThanks to Julie Leaman, one of our Escape Customer Care representatives,  for taking care of all your W2 questions during our W2 webinar.  It was a record breaker for W2 webinars, lasting over 171 minutes and all 43 attendees paid CLOSE attention! How do I know this??  A little elf told me. :-) Our customers were all excited to hear and see that the Cancel and Reverse Pay Action from the Pay Manual checks activity will now update the W2’s in v12.04. This is going to save our users lots of time!

Don’t forget: If you need a refresher course after the holidays are over, just go to Online Resources – Webinar Information and view the 2012 – W2 Webinar recording, Power Point, W2 User Guide and Q & A or the updated Tutorial.

What a great way to end the 2012 Webinar training schedule.

Happy Holidays everyone and I'll see you next year!

Terri Hammond