Friday Feature - Retirement Matrix Errors

Friday Feature LogoRetirement is one of the most complex parts of a school business employee's pay. Both STRS and PERS had major changes recently and both are undergoing even more changes with the signing into law of AB340. When Escape Technology first implemented retirement processing into our payroll system (way back in the mid-90s), we knew users were going to need help staying in the game, keeping on top of all these rule changes, so we built in the Error Matrix released by STRS and the Payroll Reporting Element Relationships chart from PERS.

This is an awesome strategy! Check it out.

PERS Error Msg

This is the PERS Editor where you can see the error and all of the information you need to fix it. Of course, we have this same type of functionality in the STRS Editor.

PERS Error Search

Both the STRS/PERS Editors also have the ability to find ONLY those employees with errors. Sweet!

AND, Escape Online regularly checks for errors: when you are processing payroll, when you are importing persons, and of course when you are editing retirement lines.

Now that's keeping you ahead of the game!