Changes for the New Year

image1Since I’m a fairly methodical person, at the end of every year I reflect on the past year and assess what could have been done differently or better and then put the necessary steps into place to make those changes happen in the upcoming year. So, here are a few things we will be doing differently at Escape next year. Consolidated Monday development meeting with Customer Care meetings. There will still be a Finance meeting and separate HR/Pay meeting but each meeting will include the appropriate developers, testers and support reps. This will allow better knowledge transfer between the groups and provide quicker feedback on CRs by development. However, ‘more communication’ takes more time and will likely result in fewer items being discussed in each meeting. But in the spirit of being more thorough, we are all ok with this.

Moved Robin to Finance testing. Robin has been in the finance support group for over 10 years and has supported both Classic and Escape Online 5, she has seen it all! Her in-depth understanding of how the customers use the software and her problem solving skills will be a great addition to the testing team and will definitely help improve the overall quality of our product. Robin will also be regular contributor to the blog!

New Hires. We have added three new Support Reps and have openings for two Developers. With the increase in our customer base we need to add more resources internally to help absorb the additional workload. Given we are only a 30 person company though, 5 new people is a lot to take on within a two month period. We will assimilate these new resources then assess if and where we need more resources.

As you can see we are wrapping up 2012 with a great plan for 2013! Thanks for all your support and making these changes possible.

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