Friday Feature - Reloading W2s

While most people think of "tax time" as happening in April, we all know that there is really an earlier tax time, like right now, when we are processing W2s! Working your W2 list in Escape Online is especially easy because of three helpful search options: changes, problems and reload.  Check it out.

W2 Search
W2 Search

So this is the search criteria for W2s. It has all of the usual suspects, but the bottom three options are pretty slick.

If you set the With Changes flag to YES, you get a list of employees with changes (as created using the Edit task) to their W2 information.

If you set the With Problems flag to YES, you get a list of employees with problems (errors).

If you set the Reload Now flag to YES, Escape Online reloads employee data that has changed or was not previously loaded. This is the coolest one!  Let's talk about it some more.

There are lots of reasons why you might edit employee data: they changed their name or their address. Or, they may have lost a check. Or, you are working this list in December before the final pay date and their pay is changing.

If you make any of these changes, you need to "reload" your list. This flag makes it so simple!

All you have to do is change it to YES and click GO. Now that isn't taxing at all.