Friday Feature - Reloading 1099s

Last Friday, we talked about reloading W2s. This week we will look at the same functionality for 1099s. Specifically, the Vendor 1099 search has some really great fields that can help you work your list. Below you can see the search criteria for 1099s. It has all of the usual suspects, but there are three options that are pretty darn cool that I want to point out.

1099 search
1099 search

Just like W2s, we have a "with changes" flag that creates a list of vendors with changes.

This flag is a great way to find all manually added vendors and/or all vendors where you made manual adjustments.

Next is the 1099 flag. This allows you to limit your list to only those vendors that will receive a 1099 (have been paid in the calendar year, meeting the IRS defined box amounts).  It is a quick way to focus on that element of your list. Awesome!

Then we have the 1099 Fed EIN. This is not as commonly used, but it is exponentially helpful. See there are some organizations that have more than one employer Id number (Federal EIN - set in the Fund component). For example, a student body organization or a district that sponsors a charter school. This flag allows those organizations to narrow the list and work on those vendors separately.

All of these search fields are fabulous, but what about the topic of reloading your list?

The Vendor 1099 activity makes that easy as pie. All you have to do is click GO and your list is reloaded with all of the new information, including any changes you made manually.