Friday Feature - Mass Unprint 1099s

Friday Feature LogoAs part of our new year celebrations, we must report to the Feds all 1099 payments made in 2012. Escape Online automates the process by finding all vendors that are marked for 1099s and finding all payments to any vendor with a particular object code.  Escape Online takes that information and creates a fully stocked list of vendors for you to review, including a column that states if the amount is great enough to deserve a 1099, if the vendor is set up correctly, and other important tidbits to help you in your 1099 party planning.

As all of us party planners know, sometimes you think you are done but you come to find out that another department made a payment you didn't know about or one of your vendors has changed their address.

Escape Online has you covered here as well. Happy days!

If a 1099 has been printed and it needs to be changed, you have to unprint it. No worries. Escape Online gives you three ways to unprint.

Unprint All For all organizations (the entire county): Select Unprint ALL 1099 from the Task menu at the top of the form of the 1099 Reporting activity.
Unprint Org For a single organization (district): Highlight an organization and then select Unprint 1099 Vendor Forms from the Task menu in the Organizations section of the 1099 Reporting activity.
Unprint Vendor For a single vendor: Open the individual 1099 in the Vendor 1099 activity and select Unprint from the Task menu.

Once unprinted, you can make those last-minute changes and print again, making for a very happy new year!