Friday Feature - Testing W2s

The old saying, "Measure twice. Cut once." applies to more than just carpentry. It can apply to W2 processing too! As you probably know, the Social Security Administration provides employers with the AccuWage software to identify the most common format errors in wage submissions. And, as you also probably know, Escape Online includes a task that generates a test W2 file you can upload to AccuWage, ensuring that you have "measured twice" before handing out W2s to employees. Check it out!

Generate Test File
Generate Test File

Of course, the testing of your file is at the tail end of your processing.  Once you have verified all of your information is complete, you are ready to select the Generate Test task from the W2 Reporting activity.

It is that easy!

Now you can upload that file (copied from \escapeserver\ InputOutput\ PayrollTaxes\ TEST_EFW2-CalendarYear) to the AccuWage software (available from SSA website).

And as the old saying generally works in real life, that second measurement is the same as the first, but now you have the piece of mind to make that final cut (of W2s!).